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4 Creative Ways to Customize Your Home

Whether you just bought a new home or want to change up an old one, there are endless options when it comes to customizing your home. Take a look at the following styles to help inspire your home decoration.

Beach House

Beach houses are a place where you go to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. You get to hear the waves crash into the shore, walk on the sand and do what you want. When you’re designing your home with these feelings in mind, you want to make sure you have plenty of open space and light throughout every room. Paint the walls white or a light, reflective color to help your home feel open and airy. Use mirrors to help reflect light and keep windows open or covered only with sheer curtains.

When it comes to furniture, embrace wicker. This will make it seem like you’re sitting out on the porch with water just around the corner. You also may want to use other natural elements, such as light-colored wood, coral and seashells in your furniture and decorations.

Cabin in the Woods

If you would rather be off the beaten path and out in nature than anywhere else in the world, you home should reflect that. If you want a true cabin in the woods, you have to use natural wood wherever possible — your dressers, armoirs, entertainment centers, bed frames and end tables. Once you have the big pieces in, head to an outdoors store to get some of your accessories. Look for hunting and camping inspired decor, such as lamps, pictures, bedding, blankets and pillows that scream hunting lodge. You want everything to be warm and cozy, so look for materials like flannel, fleece and wool to pull everything together.

Modern Chic

A modern, chic look is all about minimalism. You don’t want your home to look cluttered or chaotic, but rather like everything is in its place. Start by painting your walls a soft, neutral color, such as cream, taupe or beige. This helps open the space up. Look for big, bold and unique pieces of furniture that have clean lines and modern materials, such as metal or glass. For example, purchase a large couch and matching chairs that have a polished metal base, legs or feet. You can add in some color with your accessories, including pieces of art and pillows. Minimalism doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything or be uncomfortable, it’s more about making sure everything serves a purpose.

Country Quaint

country aesthetic is the complete opposite of modernism. You want it to feel comfy and cozy with lots and lots of charm. Buy an overstuffed couch and squashy armchairs. Use quilts and blankets to cover your beds and drape over your couch. Your tables and dresses should be made of aged wood so they look like they belong in a cottage. For your kitchen, you may want to display some decorative dishes in a china cabinet or on stands on your countertops. Don’t forget to add plants to the corners of your home and place flowers on bedside tables and in the bathroom.

With these four creative ways to customize your home, you have a starting point for your design inspiration. You can mix and match or choose items you like from the various styles to truly make your home feel like you.