8 Reasons To Give Your Garage Floor an Epoxy Face-Lift

If your home has a garage, it can be essential to the safe storage of your vehicle, sometimes tools, and many times miscellaneous personal possessions. Although it keeps a roof over a large section of your house, the area is often the most ignored section of the building. Next time you are there why not take a serious look at the cement floor and try to imagine what the room would look like with a bold new floor covering the entire area.

Epoxy floors are specialized coatings that cover any concrete area with a sealant. Although the benefits of the sealers have been known for several decades in the commercial building industry, homeowners have just recently begun to discover the many advantages that resurfacing garage floor areas with epoxy can have. Here are eight reasons to give your garage floor an epoxy face-lift.


Cleaning an epoxy surface can be quick and easy because the area is no longer porous and won’t absorb chemicals or oils.


The epoxy floor resists wear and tear with its hard-as-nails solid surface so that it can last for many years with little sign of use.


Resistant to extreme temperatures, fire, and slippage, a floor coated with epoxy can help keep you and your family safe.


There are many colors, textures, and patterns available to choose from in epoxy coverings, and that even includes glittery sprinkles for those with an adventurous spirit.


If you are a DYI car enthusiast, the epoxy floor is for you because it can survive almost any chemical you may use when you work on your vehicle.


Whether you like the shine of a showroom floor or the matt finish of a more luxurious look, epoxy flooring has what you are looking for in both colors and finish.

Resale value

Having a beautiful floor covering the entire cemented area can be a striking and valuable addition to your home value when you choose to sell.


Rather than completely replace a garage floor with cracks, dips, and holes, why not use a greener option and coat the surface with a long lasting and beautiful finish of epoxy.

Making your garage floor a part of your beautiful home can be as easy as adding a colorful and long-lasting epoxy floor. Not only is it easy to clean, but it can also brighten your storage and workspace, and become a more inviting place to be. It can also add value to your home.