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3 Benefits of Leasing Office Equipment

If you’ve just started a new brand-new business or just gotten your company’s feet off the ground, you may still not quite be ready to jump into purchasing new office equipment. The goods news is you do have the option of leasing equipment to help build your new office space. Many companies provide the option of leasing office equipment such as scanners, printers, and copiers. Keep on reading for all the details on the benefit of leasing machines for your needs.

1. Taking Stock of Costs

The upfront cost of leasing office equipment is significantly less than outright purchase and can take the financial burden off of a burgeoning company. Additionally, many companies that lease office equipment, such as those specializing in scanner sales and services Jackson MI, offer a service called “managed print services.” This means that the cost of goods required for printing, such as paper and ink, and the cost of equipment maintenance are included in the total lease price. This can ultimately save you the energy of sorting this out yourself during a time that would be better spent helping your business grow and flourish.

2. Choosing from Options

You have options when it comes to leasing office equipment. There are a couple of types of common leasing options. One is referred to as a capital lease. In this option, your lease on the item is more like a loan to purchase a copier, scanner, or printer. Companies looking to purchase and own one or more of these items without making the big purchase upfront should look into capital leasing. Operating leases work more like a true equipment rental. This option is beneficial to a company that is not looking to eventually own the office equipment being leased.

3.  Moving Onward with Ease

If your company decides to move, suddenly requires different office needs, or is looking for an equipment upgrade, leasing can take a weight off your shoulders and remove an item from your to-do list. The leasing company will come retrieve their equipment and relieve you of needing to re-sell the item or set up an appointment for disposal, and get you rolling with an updated version if need be!

Leasing an item from a reputable supply company can help you avoid the heavy cost of purchasing equipment upfront and allow you flexibility in your business while still providing the opportunity to outfit your company with the tools it needs to succeed.