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Brainstorming Business Name Ideas

If you are looking for business name ideas, there are some ways to creatively brainstorm, especially if you are stuck.

Do a Word Dump

Find a piece of paper and get ready to write. Set a time limit so your thoughts can come out uncensored. Write down everything you think of related to your business. This is not the time to hold back. Don’t worry if something doesn’t really make sense with your business, just see what you come up with. Think of as many words as possible under different categories, such as aesthetic, people, feelings, verbs, and words. If this is too overwhelming to do, you can also create different brainstorming sessions for each of the categories. Answer some of these questions when it comes to your word dump. What actions do you want your customers to take? What do you want your customers to feel? What do you want to decorate for your business? What interest does your audience have?

Alternate Spellings

Once you have done a word dump and have some creative brainstorming list, look through each page. Highlight ones that stand out to you. One way to come up with different business name ideas is to take a simple word and change the spelling in order to make it unique. For example, take the company Tumblr. If you go this route, you do need to make sure your business name is readable. Consider that if you do have a unique spelling for your business name then people might spell it wrong so weigh different variables before you settle on one.

Use a Thesaurus

If you have decided against a unique spelling, another way to brainstorm business name ideas is with a thesaurus. Reading through similar words might help you jog some creative juices and come up with something even better.

Create a Mood Board

If you are more of a visual person then brainstorming can work with a mood board. If it helps to have you touch something physically, use old magazines and cut out people, colors, images, and words that resonate with your business. You can do this digitally and create a Pinterest account to search for quotes and images that represent your company. When you do this digitally, it’s also easier to search for what you want.

Think about Foreign Languages

If you have been hooked on a word, but it’s unavailable for a business name then find a different translation of the word. Using a simple word in a foreign language might just be the answer. If you decide to go this way then the word should be relatively easy to pronounce. If you do find a translation you like, always check with someone who speaks the language fluently to make sure the world doesn’t have any alternative meanings.

Clear Your Mind

One of the best ways to clear your mind is by taking a drive. You may be able to think better when listening to instrumental music. When taking a drive to clear your mind and brainstorm, get outside the city since it can be hard to brainstorm if you are trying to avoid other drivers and in traffic. Keep in mind you will need to use Siri or Google Assistant to keep your notes for you when you are driving.

Have a Focus Group

Sometimes the best ideas come from working with other people. Having a mini focus group can help you brainstorm ideas from the beginning or help you narrow down options if you already have some in mind. When creating a focus group, diversify your participants. If you combine people with similar dispositions and interests, it won’t help you much. Have a variety of ethnicities, ages, personalities, and genders.

Get Inspiration from Music

Song titles get stuck in your head, just like the songs themselves. Think of words that describe your business and do a search in iTunes to get some inspiration.

Check availability before you get too far down the brainstorming hole. Don’t fall in love before you do this. Create a huge list of potentials and then check them out to see if the domain and social media handles are available. If you find out that your name is available, you can stop brainstorming, but if it’s not available then you are going to want to keep moving along with one of these brainstorming options.