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4 Tips For Nailing a Job Interview

The hunt for the perfect job is often a grueling process.  Depending on what kind of line of work you’re in, and where you’re located, there can be a lot of competition.

One of the most challenging parts of trying to land a job is that even though you may be the best choice for the position, you’re terrible at interviews.  You freeze up and aren’t sure how to respond under pressure.

Think of interviews as an audition for a role in a Blockbuster movie.  Envision yourself playing the part of the lead hero and take on the character with gusto.  By taking on the role of confidence even though you may not necessarily feel confident, you’ll be much more likely to land the “role.”

Here are some of the best ways to nail the interview and get the job that you want. 

Spice Up That Resume

Your resume is going to be the opener for your interview between you and your potential employer.  It’s important to make sure that it’s well put together and highlights your strengths.

Language is vital in a resume so use phrases that will increase their curiosity and enthusiasm.  Rather than only listing your experience, go into detail about how you yield results and what your greatest accomplishments are.

You’ll be able to bounce off of your achievements through conversation during the interview.  Just make sure that you don’t sound like your bragging.  There’s a difference between self-promotion and bragging. 

Dress the Part

It’s essential to have a good outfit which makes you look and feel confident.  It should be business appropriate and clean and pressed.

Even if they don’t specify that attire is particularly crucial for the job, you should always put your best foot forward.  When an employer sees that you’ve put effort into your appearance, it will impress them.

Ask Plenty Of Questions

Job interviewers love when candidates show enthusiasm for the company.  In addition to demonstrating that you’ve done your homework about the company and have a knowledge of its history, you should also ask plenty of questions.

By showing an interest in how the company works, they’ll see that you have a genuine investment in the good of the business.


Even though you may be incredibly nervous on the inside, you should train your body to hide in the outside.  Smile and try to be as relaxed as possible.

The more you smile, the more you’ll start to feel at ease.  That doesn’t mean that you should be laughing maniacally throughout the course of the interview, but genuinely smiling while exchanging conversation.

If the interviewer sees you as confident and at ease under pressure, they’ll see this as an asset for the company.