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6 Unknown Way Your Dog Is Good for Your Health

Most dog owners don’t realize all the ways a dog can help them lead a healthy life. Your pet dogs take care of you in more ways than you can imagine. Just think for a moment what happens when you notice your dog has fleas. Do you let it suffer? Of course, you don’t. You rush out and get products like Capstar Flea Killer that go to work instantly and start killing off those irksome fleas. Your dogs are more than capable of returning the favor. Here are ways in which your dog can be good for your health. 

  1. Instant Mood Boosters

There is scientific evidence to prove that just watching your dog romp around playfully or stroking its neck can reduce the levels of stress hormone cortisol while raising the levels of the feel-good chemical, serotonin.

  1. Dogs Are Heart Healthy (In More than One Way)

It is said that stress is the leading risk factor for heart attacks and dogs can certainly help you lower yours. Just sitting there with your fur baby by your side lowers levels of stress. Petting and snuggling with them also do the same. A dog also forces you to get your daily dose of exercise as you need to take them out for walks.

  1. Dogs Help You Connect with Other Dog Lovers

Walking your dog regularly can help you connect with other people with dogs. For people living alone, this presents a great opportunity to meet new people with similar interests. Striking up a conversation about dogs can lead to a friendship that lasts a lifetime. With more friends you lead a happier and healthier life.

  1. Dogs Help Build Allergy Resistance in Children

According to WebMD, kids who grow up with pets tend to be more resistant to allergens. It was found that kids raised around dogs, cats, and farm animals had higher levels of allergy-fighting chemical in their bodies which help them become resistant to allergens.

  1. Dogs Are an Early Warning System

Dogs have a highly sensitive sense of smell and they can be specially trained to detect health problems. For example, some dogs can detect the onset of hypoglycemic shocks and can warn their diabetic owners to eat something quickly. Other dogs can be trained to sniff out cancer while some of them can provide early warning to a heart attack.

  1. Dogs Can Reduce Depression

One of the most common underlying causes of depression is loneliness. Just having a dog by your side that loves you unconditionally can lift you out of depression. In fact, some dogs are assigned to patients as they are medically proven to provide therapeutic support to people suffering from depression. Studies have authenticated this on more than one occasion.

These are just 6 ways a dog can be good for your health. Aren’t you glad now you have your very own fur baby to keep you happy and healthy?