Construction Workers

4 Safety Tips for New Construction Workers

Today, construction work is known to be a dangerous occupation. Therefore, if you work in the construction industry, you need to ensure that you are always safe. However, with the increasing pressure for contractors to meet tight deadlines, the safety of workers isn’t given priority.

All the heavy lifting, heavy equipment, deep holes, and shaky stairs are realities on a construction site. However, this does not mean that your occupation is hopeless. In fact, by taking the right steps, you can guarantee your safety on the job. But, even with these precautions, accidents can happen, and in that case, you will need the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you get the right compensation.

Tips for Staying Safe on the Job

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), an estimated 6.5 million individuals work at a construction site daily. And while most of them go back to their homes unharmed, others are not that lucky. The following tips can help you stay safe and get back home unhurt:

Wear protective equipment

It is vital that you wear the appropriate clothes for the job. This means putting on the right protective gear. Storing the protective gear in a dry and safe place is as vital as wearing them. And if you don’t have any, you must resolve it with your employer. Well-fitting helmets, earplugs, and protective eyewear are some of the things you must have to stay safe as you work. Additionally, you should wear protective boots or even anti-slip footwear, particularly when in a wet, dusty or toxic environment.

Beware of stair and ladder climbing hazards

You must take precautions if your job requires you to climb ladders or stairs frequently. You must inspect the stairs or ladders before using them to see if there are any loose, weak, damaged or wrecked spots. If you notice any issues with the ladder or stairs, make sure that you inform the foreman. Also, ensure that the ladders are clean, dry, and uncluttered, and more essentially, avoid using metal ladders in rainy or wet conditions.

Avoid crowded areas

Crowding is one of the biggest threats when it comes to construction sites. This is particularly true where there are large machines. Construction workers tend to gather near big machinery to watch it work, which is completely unnecessary. Gathering leads to overcrowding which will only increase the risk of getting injured.

Stay as far as you can from a large working machine. Your employer will most probably have enforced the rule that all personnel stay a certain distance from a working machine and review it in every meeting.

On the other hand, the machinery operator is responsible for making sure that everyone stays back when the machine is working.  There should be a signal that indicates when the machines start to make sure that no one is close.

Keep a first aid kit with you

While it is advisable to have a first aid kit with you at all times, it is sometimes impossible. However, you should be able to have one made available to you by your construction site supervisor or contractor. A basic first aid kit is vital for minor cuts, falls, and burns.

Besides, having a first aid kit is beneficial to you because it will allow you to get treated and back to work as soon as possible. Also, some injuries are quickly treatable, and having a first aid kit will help you prevent the spread of infections.

Bottom Line

Construction workers play a major role in building the country. However, while the construction industry is known to be dangerous and has the highest fatality rates, it is possible to stay safe.

Follow the above tips and get the help of an attorney if you get injured at work.