Living Room Furniture

Choosing Quality Living Room Furniture in Thailand

Where you live in the world can influence how you decorate your home. Most people like to choose living room furniture in Thailand that allows them to celebrate and pay homage to the resident culture of their country, especially since Thai culture includes a tradition of rich and vibrant textiles as an intrinsic part of their traditional visual art.

The clean lines, earth-toned fabrics, and warm woods used in European designed and built quality modern furniture have proven to be the perfect choice for people wanting to integrate a measure of Thai design-style and artistic highlights into their living rooms.

Blurring the Lines Between Outdoor and Indoor

More and more people are discovering that high-quality European designers create the ideal furniture for the Thai concept of combining the outdoors with the indoors.

Traditionally, Thai homes have celebrated the natural world by creating spaces that seem to blur the lines between outdoor and indoor. The houses of old had expansive foliage-covered verandas, indoor fountains and many window treatments in their design that allowed the tropical breezes to cool the inside of the homes.

To most people, both Thai and foreign, these old home designs never lost their charm and elegance. As people in Thailand matured and became successful, they naturally began to invest in and build their own homes. And elements of the traditional homes began to appear in the new home’s design. They saw the practicality, beauty, and wisdom of adopting these elements into a home in a tropical environment.

Complementing the Traditional Art of Thailand

When these homeowners began to look for furniture styles that would complement these traditional architectural elements and the artistic, cultural styles that accompanied them, they discovered that modern European living room furniture in Thailand was a natural choice.

The long, clean lines of the furniture complemented the design of architecture. And the natural colours and bold textures used in the fabric by the furniture designers perfectly highlighted the rich, colourful silk, cotton and wool cloths and designs of the textile artisans of Thailand.

With more and more people choosing to celebrate the cultural heritage of Thailand within their homes, the market is growing for high-quality, modern furniture of European design and craftsmanship. Interior designers and homeowners see no irony in their preference for European living room furniture in Thailand. It’s simply the type of furniture that best complements Thai art and textiles, in their opinion. And more homeowners are coming around to their way of thinking as the demand for quality European furniture is growing.

The number of showrooms stocking this high-quality furniture is growing. And companies specialising in this furniture also have knowledgeable people on hand who can point you to designs and fabrics that best highlight this wonderful mix of the western and modern with the eastern and traditional.

The next time you relocate or renovate and want to invest in new furniture in Thailand, make a point to visit one of these furniture showrooms and discover how much modern furniture can fit within a Thai-style home.