A Guide to Planning Your Wedding

Our wedding day is one of the memorable days in our lives. Whether it is successful or not, it is a day you will live to remember. It is therefore important to make this day a special day by making adequate preparations. Planning for a wedding ceremony is not an easy task. This is the main reason why you need a few friends and family members to help you plan it perfectly. Besides choosing the wedding theme, bridal gown and bride’s team, here are some important aspects you need to plan a perfect wedding.

The number of invited guests

As a couple, you need to have a list of invited guests. This will include your close friends, colleagues and family members. With a list of invited guests, you can estimate the cost of your wedding. Therefore, before you plan anything else, think of how many people you want to invite to your wedding ceremony.

The wedding venue

After determining the number of invited guests, think of a wedding venue that will host your guests. When you are planning for a wedding, consider a wedding venue with ample parking space, catering equipment and a spacious area for dancing. The other factor is location. Choose a venue within your city. This will save you a lot of cash on transport. There are great Oxford wedding venues you can choose from.  These venues are easily accessible, spacious and secure. Visit several of them to find the best wedding venue that meets your personal taste, and wedding plans.

Enquire about the wedding venue closing time

It is important to note some wedding venues have access limits. You may be limited to using the venue for a specific time period. Do the time limits favour your wedding plans? Are the time limits within your wedding schedule? Avoid disappointment by choosing a venue that suits your wedding timeline. The best way is to consult the wedding venue management to determine their opening and closing times.

Reception location

The reception ceremony is the most entertaining part of a wedding. This is probably the reason why many couples try to choose a perfect venue for the reception. However, if you want to save on your wedding costs, try holding both the wedding and reception ceremonies at the same venue. This means that you need to choose a venue specious enough to host both events.

These are some of the ignored factors that may define the success of your wedding day. Although you may focus much on the wedding theme, these are crucial factors to consider with your wedding preparation team. Lastly, make sure that you complete your preparations as early as possible to avoid any last-minute rush.