4 Biggest Reasons Couples Argue

No relationship is perfect.  Even some of the happiest couples admit that they have arguments from time to time.  Arguing is perfectly natural and some experts may even say that it’s necessary in order to keep things interesting.

In order to be able to minimize the arguing, however, which is in everyone’s best interest, it’s important to identify the triggers.  When it comes to what sparks the most arguments in couples relationships, here are the most common culprits.


Couples may see eye to eye on plenty of things from politics to religion.  However, when it comes to how they both spend their money, they can be completely different.

Many couples argue frequently about how the other one treats money.  This can be frustrating when one of you is more frugal and the other is careless and spends money as it comes.

Reaching an agreement about your spending habits is crucial when it comes to being a couple.  This is because you may want to get married someday, buy a house, and combine your money into one account. So, make sure that even if you don’t agree on everything when it comes to money, that you at least reach a reasonable compromise.

Cleaning Duties

When one of the people in a relationship feels that they are pulling more weight around the house than the other, it can start to create tension.

The partner who feels that they do more cleaning duties starts to harbor resentment and may make frequent comments putting the other one down.

Try to set up a system which creates a balance.  This can be done by either creating a chart of who does what or agreeing that one of you may do more cleaning duties while the other one brings in more income.  Do whatever it takes to improve your relationship’s specific set of circumstances.

Lack of Intimacy

In order to keep a relationship thriving and happy, there must be a certain level of intimacy.  Without intimacy you would just be two roommates, so showing affection is crucial in order to keep things spicy.

Try to make an effort to go on dates, or do whatever makes you feel closer to them romantically and this should keep things interesting.

Unresolved Issues

Unfortunately, even though couples may believe that they have moved on from a negative period of their relationship, often one of them is still carrying feelings of resentment.

It’s important to identify what the triggers are for your arguments and whether they may be derived from a past fight or issue that hasn’t had full closure.

If you don’t think that you can do this on your own, you may want to consider bringing in a professional couples therapist.