4 Common Reasons for Divorces

When someone marries an individual they believe they know inside out, it can come as quite a shock that they may not know their spouse as well as they thought they did. Whether it is a secret life that drives a wedge into the relationship or hidden destructive habits, the end result is often divorce. Here are the four most common reasons people claim when they seek an end to their marriage.

1. Communication

Constructive and open communication is an essential part of an equal relationship. If either of the parties feel they are not being heard, or if one completely shuts down, the result can have adverse effects on the relationship. Heated arguments, passive-aggressive comments, and built-up resentment may quickly bring an end to a marriage.

2. Money

One of the most common reasons listed on divorce petitions is money. Some claim it is a lack of control over money, others declare it is unequal earning capacity, and still others blame the split on the massive debt incurred by one of the partners. No matter which of those reasons causes either party to seek a Tampa divorce lawyer, divorce is almost certainly an outcome when money issues occur.

3. Infidelity

Not all marriages that experience an extra-marital affair ends in divorce, but a vast majority of them do. No matter which party shares affection and physical attention outside of the relationship, the action often brings a lack of trust and deep insecurity that can not be mended. Resentment, bitterness, and anger can also be the result of broken trust.

4. Intimacy

Sex is an integral part of a marriage relationship, but people can have very different sexual appetites and expectations. While one partner may want to cuddle during the week and have sex on the weekend, the other may want an orgasm every night. For some, the need for touching is more important to their emotional needs than a physical release, and that can be a problem for the other partner that feels rejected and ignored. Over time, feelings of resentment and isolation can occur that end up in a request for divorce.

Divorce can be a painful event in anyone’s life that can cause a sense of loneliness, isolation, and self-doubt. With the assistance of a skilled divorce lawyer, you can end the painful relationship and begin an exciting new chapter in your life. It may take some time to see your personal growth, but it will come.