A List of Your Most Important Considerations in Product Packaging Design

Even if you have some of the most brilliant ideas for packaging design, are these ideas really suitable for your product? You have to ask yourself some important questions if you want to make sure that your product packaging design is perfect. What considerations do you have to think about? Here’s a list of your most important considerations in product packaging design.

An easily distinguishable product

Does your product packaging design clearly show what your product really is? When taking a look at your prospective packaging, does it also show who the product is for? If your customers don’t understand what the product is or who the product is for, they may not give it a second glance. Make sure your product doesn’t look like another type of product, like a sports drink or beverage being mistaken for laundry soap or vice versa.

Honesty is the best quality

It’s also important to make sure that the packaging honestly represents your product. It’s definitely not to your advantage if your product is misrepresented, whether intentionally or unintentionally. The photos, for instance, should be actual photos, and the product inside the package should be close in representation to the photos on the package. It wouldn’t do, for example, to have a photo of biscuits loaded with currants or raisins when the biscuits inside only have one currant or raisin each.

Imagine the 3D image

You also have to imagine what your packaging will actually look like in 3 dimensions. Good packaging design companies such as can provide you with accurate 3D representations of your packaging as well as flat samples which are ready for print. In some cases, images may look attractive on a flat piece of paper but look terrible once they are made, so make doubly sure.

The store impact

Your product may also look wonderful whilst it’s still in your shop or factory, but what will it look like once it’s in the shops? The impact of your packaging on store shelves is also a prime consideration. Think about your product’s visibility (especially amongst all other products on the shelves), stackable appeal (think about patterns), and the difference with other similar products. Are most of the products on the shelves of the same colour? If your product is the same colour as well, how will you make sure that it gets noticed? One thing you can do to help your decision is to visit shops where your product will eventually be sold. Look carefully at the other products and think about how your product can be distinguished from the rest.

Packaging design involves careful thought and an awareness of your product’s purpose as well as the preferences of your target market. But with the proper packaging design, your product can exceed your expectations.