3 Ways To Bounce Back After A Difficult Breakup

Going through a difficult breakup is never an easy experience for anyone. You’re not alone if you’re feeling a bit sad and anxious lately about your situation. The future may look a little less bright and more confusing, but try to have faith that time will help heal you.

Luckily, there are three ways, in particular, that will allow you to bounce back after a challenging breakup. Give these ideas a chance to work,and in no time you’ll likely find yourself feeling quite optimistic about your life and where you’re heading, even if it is without the person who you thought you’d be with long-term.

1.   Enjoy Being Single

You can bounce back after a difficult breakup by enjoying this opportunity to be single and mingle with others. For instance, now you can be a bit more promiscuous and check out a service to help get you back on the dating scene and get practicing with your social skills. Also, use this time to call up a few old friends of yours and go out with them to bars and nightclubs and simply let loose and have fun exploring your options. Now you can do as you please and stay up late and know that there’s no one who you’ll have to report to about your whereabouts.

2.   Focus on Yourself

You can also use this time as a single person to focus on yourself and your needs. Relationships take up a lot of your time and are a big commitment. Given your situation, you now have the capacity to attend to your desires to get in better shape, volunteer your time or schedule in more chances to hang out with family and friends. You’ll likely enjoy this opportunity to focus on what’s going to make you happier and feel better about yourself. Remind yourself of all the times you had to give up what you wanted to do for the other person when you were tied down and appreciate this newfound freedom.

Open up to people who you trust and be good about letting go of any negative emotions you’re feeling. It’s possible they’ll be able to offer up some sound advice for you and give you a shoulder to lean on while you recover.

3.   Slowly Start Dating Again

Bounce back after a difficult breakup by starting to date again, but do so slowly,so you don’t set yourself up for heartache right away. Ease your way into the social and dating scene by going out with friends and on one-on-one dates in casual settings,so you don’t feel a lot of additional pressure to make a love connection. There are a lot of ways to meet people including through those you know, using online dating apps and just being more aware when you’re out and about in your daily life.


Take advantage of these suggestions as you try to bounce back after a difficult breakup. You’ll likely find that it’s a lot easier to do when you keep a positive outlook about your future. Try your best to let go and let time heal your pain so you can move on with your life and be happy.