calm office

3 Ways to Make Your Office More Peaceful

Office cubicles can often feel like sterile, claustrophobic places. However, with attention to a few special elements, your office space can feel peaceful and welcoming. Here are a few ways to make your office feel more calm.


Lighting is one of the most powerful means of creating a calm office space. Harsh fluorescent lighting can be difficult on the eyes and the mind, so look for gentler, natural-colored lighting solutions. If possible, install filters over fluorescent lights to reduce glare and decrease eye strain. Then, look for “daylight” tinted or warm-tinted bulbs that can be installed in desk or floor lamps to softly brighten dark corners or add a welcoming glow to your office.


Choose calming colors to help support a peaceful office space. Research shows that natural colors like blue and green can help reduce stress, but white or muted colors are also great choices. You might not be able to change the colors of the walls or furniture in your office, but artwork, accent pillows and tapestries can all easily introduce these calming colors into your space. If you’re feeling really creative, chair covers, tablecloths and desk ornaments can also add a dose of peaceful color to your office.

Natural Elements

Natural elements like plants, sand or rock gardens and tiny water features can help improve the zen-like feel of your space. Many plants can be kept easily indoors, allowing you to add a peaceful touch with minimal care. A few low-maintenance plants to try in your space are pothos, Chinese evergreens, marginatas, snake plants and spider plants. Some of these plants thrive nicely in low lighting conditions, while others prefer a bit brighter light, so be sure to choose the right kind of plant for your space. Miniature sand and rock gardens add a Japanese-inspired zen feel to your office. These can be purchased pre-made, or easily DIYed for a really personal touch. Finally, indoor tabletop water features like tiny fountains add a touch of calm to a busy cubicle. The sight and sound of running water can make you feel a bit more at ease in nearly any space.

Although a relaxing office can seem out of reach, investing in a few key elements can take your space from stressful to peaceful. Soothing, natural lighting helps make a space more zen. Soft, calming colors help reduce stress and invite peace. Finally, nature-inspired elements really take your space into ease and calm. These elements together can make your office a place you genuinely look forward to spending time in.