4 Tips For Creating a Great Drink Menu

Anyone who owns a business that serves alcohol should make sure that they have an appealing and informative drink menu. Whether it is in the form of a laminated sheet of paper or a booklet with multiple pages, it should complement the theme of the establishment and contain a list of drinks that are creatively named and appropriately described.

1. Incorporate a Theme

One of the first things that a business owner does when setting up a bar or restaurant, besides getting a liquor license in Texas, is deciding on the theme. This can be dictated by the type of customer that will be marketed to and will affect everything from the décor to the appetizers to the employee uniforms. The drink menu should reflect the theme and offer a variety of creative options that will appeal to customers.

2. Consider Time Constraints

Some drinks are more complicated and require more time and effort to prepare than others. If a large volume of drinks will be moved on a regular basis, then business owners should think about how much time each alcoholic beverage takes to make. Drinks that can be made quickly and easily while also looking and tasting wonderful should make up a good percentage of the menu.

3. Use Creative Names

The first thing that most customers notice about drinks is their names. Use names that will clearly convey the essence of the beverage in a witty, alliterative or humorous way. A unique name can attract attention and encourage customers to continue reading the description. Experiment with fun names that contain the names of some of the prominent ingredients so that people know what to expect. Do not create drink names that do not make sense with the theme, the type of drink or the way it is served, as customers may be confused and unhappy about what they receive.

4. Keep Descriptions Brief

Do not overload the descriptions with extra words, especially if several of the words convey similar meanings. Keep the descriptions brief and concise so that customers can make a decision about whether or not they want to order it quickly. List the ingredients and try to focus on the objective qualities instead of subjective ones.

Creating a compelling drink menu is a large part of successfully marketing and selling alcoholic beverages to customers. Taking the time to craft an attractive menu will likely result in better sales and increased customer loyalty, as clients come back again to order their favorites.