Your Ultimate Guide To Measuring & Fitting Frames For Your Face Shape

With 19% of adults reportedly wearing their glasses more in the wake of Covid-19, investing in a pair of well-fitting frames has never been more important. With a growing market for individual frames and styles, picking the perfect pair for you can be daunting. If you’re struggling to choose the specs that suit you the best, it may be time to consider your face shape. From round to square to the heart, considering your own face shape when you shop for glasses will leave your features flattered and your eyeglasses constantly complimented.

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What is my face shape?

If you’re looking to embrace a new style that suits you, face shape is an important factor to consider when choosing your new frames. You’re shopping for something that will enhance your features, rather than drown them. Before we hit you with our frame fitting guide, why not determine your own face shape in order to find the best specs for you. Whatever your shape or style, it’s most important to wear glasses you feel confident in. Read on to find out which frames will make your cheekbones pop, your eyes sparkle and most importantly show off your unique personality!


If you have mostly rounded features, smaller cheekbones and a face that is roughly the same width as it is wide, you’re most likely to have a round face shape. Like popular figures such as Selena Gomez and Mila Kunis, you have fuller cheeks and a softly curved jaw.

For you, it’s all about adding angles to enhance those soft curves. Think angular glasses with bold and rectangular lines. Geometric shapes and rectangular frames add strong lines to your face in order to create the perfect balance. Rectangular frames in particular also complement round structures to give you the appearance of a longer and thinner face shape.

If you’re looking to go bold with your eyewear choice, why not also try Cat-Eye frames to draw attention to your curved cheeks and popping cheekbones.


Typically the most versatile of all face shapes, the heart structure is ideal when choosing your new pair of eyeglasses. If you have those high show-stopping cheekbones and a wider face at the brow that narrows down to the chin, this could be the category for you! Joining famous faces such as Reese Witherspoon, this shape suits larger winged-out frames or oval-shaped glasses.

Winged out spectacles are perfect for those who want to draw attention to their eyes and cheekbones. With a wing that spans further out than the forehead and a curved base, these frames emphasise your lower features, balancing out harsh lines with soft rounded curves.

If you wish to remove attention away from a pointed chin, oval-shaped thin-rimmed frames could also work wonders, softly drawing focus on the eyes without introducing bold lines.


Following the famous face structures of pop star Demi Lovato and footballer David Beckham, Square faces are all about those angles. With clean-cut jawlines and angular features, square faces are often easily detectable because of the tell sign straight line, connecting your forehead to your hairline.

For this face shape, it’s all about creating balance with your frame style. If you’re looking to soften those angles, why not add some curves. That is why we are recommending rounder, wide-fitting frames, to create the perfect harmonious partnership.

If you’re looking to enhance your features further, try thinner frame styles, to draw more attention to your eyes, while also showing off those cut clean angles. Why not also add some colour into your frame design as another great way to gather focus in all of the right places.


If you/ve been blessed with a long and curvy face shape, high and mighty cheekbones and a narrower chin and forehead, the chances are you’re rocking an oval structured face shape. Walking in the same shoes as Beyonce, an oval face shape is considered to be the most common, meaning most of the latest trends are going to work for you.

However, if you’re looking to emphasize your soft curves, or draw attention away from a longer face shape, we still have some frame fitting tips for you.

We recommend geometric frame shapes, such as square and rectangular glasses that are typically wider in size than the midpoint of your face. Angular frames will help enhance your curves while drawing attention away from long face features with their larger framed design.


If you have this face shape, your structure should resemble a triangle, widest towards your chin and narrower towards the forehead. With actress Lucy Hale flying the flag for triangle faces, you’re in luck as we have some great frame suggestions for you.

For you, it’s all about enhancing your angles. You have a strong chin and a dainty forehead, making your face the perfect shape for D-frames and aviator styles. With both rounded and angular frame construction, these specs are the perfect balance for a triangle structure. Embrace the vintage style of the aviator design, or the bold D-frame approach and watch the heads keep turning.

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Still unsure?

With over 68% of adults now wearing corrective lenses, you’re not alone in feeling that panic when you struggle to choose that perfect pair of spectacles. Why not head down to your local opticians’ store, or browse online at the abundance of new and creative frame styles available to purchase. Embrace your individuality and find your next pair of glasses that ooze with passion and personality.