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Business Day Trip Ideas for Your Employees

Keeping employees happy can be a tough job, especially when you have a big team. Christmas gifts and a birthday celebration can be an excellent way to boost morale, but there’s nothing better than an outing as a team.

It can be an activity day to get them to work together as a team and bond, or a fun day out to distract them from the workload at the office and enjoy each other’s company. If you’re stuck for ideas, read on for some suggestions. Your employees will thank you.


Taking your group out on a volunteer day has so many benefits. Not only will you be helping a local organization in need, but your employees will bond and leave with a sense that they have done something meaningful.

They will return to the office refreshed, feeling worthy, and ready to work better with each other. A volunteer trip every few months is something they will look forward to, and your reputation with customers will also be boosted.

Activity Day

This idea boasts a whole array of options ranging from an artistic day of painting or pottery, a cooking class, or even a day out kayaking. A lovely idea is to give staff a few options, and they can vote. Opting for something that most people want to do means you know they will enjoy it.

An activity day at the end of each month is an excellent way to reward employees for the hard work they did during the period. Perhaps meeting targets to earn the days out can be an incentive to reach business goals.

Touristy Trips

Often, when we live somewhere, we get so used to the day to day lifestyle that we don’t see all the fantastic things surrounding us. When you visit somewhere on vacation, you visit all the sights in a few days, but when you live somewhere, you tend not to.

Taking the team out on a tourist day can be really fun for everyone. They’ll all have a laugh together and get to know each other out of the office. If your business is in New York, NYC bus tours or a nice trip around the harbor are a great way to see a lot of the city.

You can apply the same kinds of things wherever you are based. Sightseeing is fun whether you’ve seen it all before or not.

A Luxury Dining Experience

Everyone loves food, so taking your employees out for a fancy meal will really be appreciated. A lot of people don’t have the funds to splurge on one of the top restaurants, so if you give them the opportunity, they’ll be more than happy.

A visit to a restaurant with a difference, like a tasting menu or sitting around and watching the chef prepare the dishes, can be a wonderful experience. Add some wine into the mix, and everyone will be chatting and seeing another side to each other.

Get Planning

Whichever type of day trip you choose, or if it’s all of them, you should get planning sooner rather than later. Your employees are very likely in need of a little out of office time with one another. Getting to know one’s coworkers in a different environment is crucial to working together well as a team. You’ll see it reflect in their behavior and how they work when at the office. Make the trips frequent, and fun, and your company will keep growing along with the morale of the staff.