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How to Update Your Water Closet in Malaysia

There are many important rooms in a house. Depending on the characteristics of your family such as size, amount of children, if any, and lifestyle, your home’s most important room may be different from someone else’s. Rooms like the family room, the kitchen, and the bedroom are typically rooms where people spend the most time; however, one room trumps them all in terms of usage, value, and importance to a home. In Malaysia, the water closet takes the crown as the most important room in a home, without contest.

When you think about which rooms get the most use, the answer is ultimately the water closet in Malaysia. Think about it – the water closet in Malaysia is where you spend a good portion of your day. You want it to be clean, well organized and have a lot of different fixtures and features. If there is any room in your house to invest remodeling in, it’s the water closet in Malaysia.

So, if you are thinking about updating your water closet in Malaysia, here are a few ways you can make the most important room also the highlight of your home.


Many of the newer and more modern home remodelers today spent ample time on their bathrooms. They know that the bathroom is a sanctuary and a place that homeowners want to be spacious. The first stop for any bathroom renovation is the sinks.

Most modern bathroom remodels have two sinks called ‘his and her’ sinks. While today less gender-specific attributions are made, the sentiment in the name reveals that each primary user of the bathroom gets their own sink.

It’s important to think about sink depth and width when you are choosing sinks for your water closet in Malaysia. If you have big hands, you may want to have a deeper basin of a faucet that hangs high above the basin. You will use this sink every day, so keep in mind that you want to use it comfortably.

Shower and Bathtub

Regardless of whether you are a shower or bath person, it is ideal to try and fit both into your water closet Malaysia. Having the option to take either a shower or a bath at any time is a luxury most don’t have. But, if you can fit it in, it’s well worth it.

For your bath, you want to make sure that the tub is big enough for you to fit in it comfortably. In this sense, both the length and depth are very critical. You may also want to invest in a tub that has water jets for a mini jacuzzi.

As for the shower, most people prefer to have a rain shower head and a wall shower head. But recently, a new trend has been to have two of each, that way, if showering together, both people can have ample amounts of water.