seo strategy

Tips to Create a Winning SEO Strategy

If you are considering creating a SEO strategy, you are considering the eventual growth of your business. SEO is a valuable tool to build trust and credibility with consumers, and a better user experience for internet users.

An excellent SEO strategy will dictate how you construct and manage your website, images, content and marketing efforts, making it a valuable roadmap to success. 75% of internet users won’t scroll past the first page of Google results, making it vital that you make a good first impression, and giving businesses with a SEO strategy that keeps them on the first page, a distinct advantage. Let’s consider a few elements found in every winning SEO strategy. 

SEO Website Architecture

Creating an SEO website architecture goes well beyond filling your pages with SEO content. Create a great user experience with organized content, a consistent message and voice, and making sure important things, like the home page button, are always visible. Use categories and tags to group content, and ensure both your PC and mobile sites present brand-relevant information immediately following that all-important first click! If your web page is a labyrinth of information, users will wonder what is hidden in the shadows cast by your business. 

SEO Internal Linking

Once a potential customer has reached your page, all important information should be easy to read and find. Many make use of internal linking to help evenly distribute traffic across all pages, and draw readers to important information easily and quickly. Think of your page as a shipping warehouse, and your links as package destinations. Once the package (the customer) lands in your warehouse, you must ensure they arrive at the right place quickly and easily. Using links to your own quality content will ensure customers see the information they need, without leaving your site. Consequently, sloppy linking could potentially send customers to the competition, and will at the very least, guide them off your webpage – and at that point, you’ve defeated yourself! 

SEO On-Page Best Practices

If your SEO pages are poorly organized, users will inevitably find their way to a more organized and logical website. Many enterprises use HTTPs protocol to secure the user browsing experience and fast-load webpages. Using a short and recognizable URL will simplify the process of finding your page, and using keywords in the title, first paragraph, sub headings and final sentence will keep your product front-of-mind. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a great meta description, as it might be your first and only chance to draw the eye of potential customers. 

Image Optimization for SEO

Images are becoming as important as the written word, as indicated by the popularity of Instagram and TikTok. The images you choose for your site play a major role in the minds of consumers. First, ensure your images are compressed, to avoid a long load time on your webpage. Also, carefully consider all file names for images, as these will dictate where these images appear on a search. Using a file name like “photo#2SEO” might keep the photo organized in your head, but does nothing to move your photo, and associated text, to the top of the search engine list.