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E-Mail Scams: How To Recognize Them Among Phishing, Ransomware And Viruses

Viruses are programs that are destructive or that violate the confidentiality of computer systems.

Email scams are potentially unlimited, starting with the most classic one. The friend who needs money and has lost his documents abroad, or the rich foreigner who wants to give money by asking for personal data and the like. Faced with cases of this kind, the first thing to do is not to answer.

In the case of the friend, notify him that someone has taken possession of his identity. But if these are widespread scam attempts that are now difficult to bite, there are many other circumstances and dangers to watch out for.


For phishing we mean fishing through a fake website to access your online current account or credit card, to withdraw money or do other operations. The site is linked in an e-mail apparently coming from a banking institution. If you don’t have a relationship with that bank and the text of the message is written in approximate Italian, it is likely a scam. Simply accessing the site does not normally expose you to risks, but you must avoid entering data, especially access codes to current accounts or the like. Keep eye on phishing link when you play online slots for real money.

And what about the drug scam or email sales proposals for medicines that will not be delivered or will be fake? These are often medicines that require a prescription and the supplier is not fully identified. What to do? Simple, don’t answer.


Ransom means blackmail. It is a kind of virus that makes computer files unreadable. The release can only be obtained by paying a certain amount to the blackmailer. Be wary of unknown senders and sites and avoid opening suspicious email attachments or files downloaded from untrusted sites. Make sure your gaming app online casinos australia for real money is safe enough to play.

Not to be confused with blackmail on social networks. Also in this case, the typology is endless, like the beautiful unknown girl who asks for friendship, looks for a private contact and asks to shoot a hard video. The blackmail will be to spread it if a certain sum of money is not paid. Often the social profile was created recently, it does not have many visible posts, it has few friendships. The people portrayed in the photos are generally very handsome and also victims because those images do not belong to whoever created the trap profile. Just decline the friendship and block the account to stay safe.


Viruses are destructive programs or programs that violate the confidentiality of computer systems conveyed by e-mail or present on sites or files downloaded on the Net. The sender is often unknown and the site that distributes content is not an official channel. It is therefore necessary to have a good antivirus, avoid opening attachments to suspicious emails or programs downloaded from untrusted sites.