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4 Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Whether it’s a burst pipe or a crumbling sewer line, when you have a plumbing issue in your yard it isn’t a good idea to wait to have repairs done. The good news is if plumbing repairs have you envisioning the destruction of your perfectly manicured lawn, San Diego trenchless pipe repair has several benefits that could make it a good option for you.

1. Faster Repairs

Trenchless pipe repair takes substantially less time than traditional methods. This is because it takes less time to dig the small holes required than to dig a large trench. The time to complete repairs depends on the complexity of the repair. Crews can sometimes complete small repairs in a single day. Most repairs take between two and three days. The speed of the repair means homeowners spend less time without water service, which means less need to haul water to the home for drinking, bathing, and other needs.

2. Better Functionality

San Diego trenchless pipe repair uses cured-in-place liners or seamless Polyethylene piping. These pipes help prevent cracks, off-set pipes, rusting, corrosion, and tree root invasions. This makes it less likely that you will need additional repairs in the future.

The pipe liners may also increase flow capacity, which reduces clogs and extends the life of the pipes. After a trenchless pipe repair, many homeowners will find that they don’t need to clean out their sewer lines as often and they experience fewer burst pipes.

3. Less Damage to the Yard

Traditional repair methods require digging a large trench in the yard. Trenchless methods use modern equipment that eliminates the need to dig a trench. Instead, small holes are dug at the entrance and exit of the pipes, so that the liner can be installed. With trenchless repair, driveways, sidewalks, trees, and other landscaping are much less likely to be damaged.

4. Costs Less

Because San Diego trenchless pipe repair causes less damage to your property, it costs less, because you don’t need to pay to have the damage traditional repairs often cause repaired. Because it is faster, you usually also have lower labor costs.

Damaged sewer lines or pipes can disrupt water service and cause substantial damage to your property. Trenchless pipe repair can get your water running again in less time and often for less money than traditional methods. Consider these four benefits when deciding on which option is best for you.