5 Tips For Hiring Great Employees

A business is only as strong as its weakest link.  Therefore, its vital that you set yourself up for success by giving yourself the best possible team that you can.  A lot of new business owners make the mistake of rushing through the hiring process to get themselves staffed as soon as possible.

However, as a result they find themselves with a mediocre team who delivers subpar results.  Without probably screening your employees and choosing selectively, you won’t just find yourself with less than ideal service and products, but they may even commit fraud against you.  To protect yourself and the integrity of your business, follow these tips for staffing your team.

Use Your Network

While a lot of people use recruiters and staffing companies, this isn’t always in everyone’s budget.  Using the network that you already have can be a much more affordable and reliable way to find people that you’re looking for.

Asking for recommendations from people who you already have a rapport with increases your chances of finding reliable and trustworthy employees you can count on.

It never hurts to put out the word that you’re looking to staff your company, and you’d like people in your network to send potential leads your way.

Take Your Time

Don’t be afraid to take your time throughout your selection process.  Rushing into decisions that you don’t feel 100% about will usually lead to wondering why you didn’t trust your gut.

Even though you may be anxious to get your team together so that you can start expansion, often hastiness leads to poor results. Take your time to ensure that you make the best choices possible.

Be Clear About Job Description

When you are going through candidates, you should clearly explain what the expectations are for the job.  Whenever there is a grey area for what you’re looking for you risk hiring someone that may not be up for the role.

Be direct, upfront, and very specific about everything from the salary to job requirements.  You’ll find that you have much less employee turnover.

Ensure Team Compatibility

When hiring your staff try to hire people who you believe would be compatible with your other staff members.  Since you’re building a team, it’s essential that everyone compliments each other’s work styles and skills.

Think of building your team as a composition of music.  Every team member plays a role so that the result plays in perfect harmony. 

Opt For Experience

When you’re looking at resumes, you may be tempted to go for someone who has the most amount of school under their belt.

However, finding someone who has experience in what you’re looking for but less school is always preferable to someone with more school and little to no experience.