Haris Ahmed – Keys to Becoming Successful in Business

When I first started out in business selling hot dogs on the corner of my block in Removille, Chicago, I met a woman who gave me some of the best advice that I have ever received about creating a business, so helpful in fact that I didn’t even charge her for the dog, sacrilege to me at that time. I paid attention to this advice that I was given and whilst it didn’t help me ever failing hot dog business, it did give me the inspiration to create a successful content marketing business with  my buddy Haris Ahmed later in life.

Today then I wanted to share with you the pearls of wisdom which that woman offered me all of those years ago I believe that they are very relevant when it comes to your success in the world of business.

Focus on What You Do Best 

Many people are held back by the fact that they have weaknesses which they are trying to improve but the best way to become a success is actually doubling down on what you do well. For example, if you are a great salesperson but a terrible strategist, don’t waste your time trying to improve your strategic thinking and instead, go sell. Businesses are not one person armies and you need to play the role that you are supposed to, focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Start Executing

Far too many people will sit and ponder an idea, trying to ensure that it has the best planning behind it before they start executing, this is an attitude that will not help you to become successful in business. The key is to execute quickly on your ideas. This is not to say that ether should be no planning or preparation, there absolutely should, but it should be swift and accurate so that you can execute on the idea which you have.

Show Your Commitment 

If you really want to be a business success then it is time to start giving your heart and soul to your project and making the necessary sacrifices. If you want to spend 3 hours per day watching Netflix, spending time with your partner, and going out for meals there is nothing wrong with that, but don’t complain about not being successful in business if you choose this option. If you really want success, you will need to make sacrifices.


Not everyone is your competition in business and if you really want to become a success then you will need to rely on healthy and strong relationships with others in the industry. Forming relationships throughout the business world will always help you out and it even more important is maintaining these relationships throughout your years in business. A business person is only as strong as their list of contacts and if you want success, you need to surround yourself with it.