4 Jobs For People Who Like To Work On Their Feet

While some people are perfectly content working at an office job without much movement, there are other people who prefer an active day with little sitting still.  They need to be challenged and in a state of constantly moving in order to feel content.

When it comes to some of the best choices for careers for people who are like this, here are some of the most common.


People who work in factories or warehouses assembling and manufacturing products are usually on their feet very rarely.  Since they are required to meet deadlines and meet production expectations their day can often fly by in the blink of an eye.

Depending on what kind of role you have you may be running from one end of the warehouse to the other all day long.  For extra active people who thrive on this kind of lifestyle, there’s hardly any need to join the gym.


A career as a hairdresser may seem like it’s just about primping and crimping, it’s actually a very physically demanding job.  Since their day is booked from client to client there is hardly any downtime except for lunch break.

Hairdressers are standing for most of the day and walking from one end of the salon to the other for grabbing products, greeting new clients, washing and drying hair, and applying processes.

Not only is their day fast paced, but they are also challenged with creative projects throughout the day that keep them on their toes mentally as well. For people with an artistic side, this could be a great choice.


Working in deliveries is something which will keep you moving all day long from place to place.  Whether you’re working for a specific carrier, or you have multiple clients for whom you deliver.  This kind of job demands that you be able to navigate quickly and get from place to place without challenges.  Otherwise, delays can cause multiple issues for everyone involved.

Delivery positions could be by foot or car or even bicycle.  Depending on how active you want to be, you may opt for one over the other.


A job as a nurse is incredibly demanding.  While some people may think it’s a job which only involves giving injections and putting band-aids on people all day, it’s actually quite more than that.

While doctors may get the majority of the credit because of their education, it’s actually the nurses who do the majority of the work throughout the day and are putting in most of the elbow grease.

It’s crucial for them to be able to act quickly and use their knowledge to make the best moves for their patient’s health.  While also maintaining compassion for people who are often in a considerable amount of pain.