Business Sectors That Require White Glove Logistics

The white glove logistics sector is booming like no other, as new and innovative hi-tech equipment is introduced, which demands specialist handling by manufacturer-approved technicians to install, configure and service a wide range of technical equipment.

Here are just a few of the business sectors that rely on white glove logistics services.

  • Banking & Finance – All ATMs are transported and installed by the white glove logistics team, as are the hi-speed fibre optic networks used by stock exchanges and financial markets. The machines must be brought online, tested and ready for use and one mobile white glove team would service a wide area, installing and repairing ATMs as and when necessary.
  • Healthcare – Large and very expensive MRI and Cat scanners require final mile delivery solutions provided by the white glove logistics firm, who plan and execute the installation from unloading to final testing and configuration. Aside from delicate medical equipment, the white glove team also install state-of-the-art fitness equipment, which involves the transportation, installation and set-up and when all the equipment is in place, the white glove technicians bring it online and even teach staff how to manage the equipment.
  • Manufacturing – Advanced robotics are also the domain of the white glove logistics company and more and more factories are turning to robotics, which requires specialist handling and management. White glove technicians spend a lot of time at the manufacturer’s facility, learning about the product and only then are they approved to handle the equipment. With the expert technical delivery services from TecDis, the leading UK white glove provider, banks of robots are installed and set up ready for testing and the contract might include maintenance.
  • IT Industry – The white glove team are experienced at building and relocating data centres, which are essential for large companies and corporations and whether building a new facility or relocating an existing centre, the white glove logistics people know their stuff. In the event a national company wishes to replace all its IT hardware, they would approach a white glove logistics company, who are approved to dispose of WEEE, according the government laws. If you suffer hard drive failure, here are a few tips.
  • Gaming & Vending – The latest generation of touch-screen vending machines require specialised handling, as do the gaming consoles where you can drive an F1 supercar, and the interact digital signage you find in shopping malls and museums are all the domain of white glove logistics. Maintenance contracts ensure the technicians are busy and teams of two or three have their own fully equipped mobile units and all have a heavy schedule of installation and maintenance. Click here for UK government information on artificial intelligence.

The white glove technician spends a lot of time learning about new equipment, which enables them to handle the very delicate and expensive technical equipment. Final mile delivery services ensure that equipment is safely transported, installed and configured and if you would like to learn more about white glove logistics, a Google search is all it takes to talk to the experts.