Eco-friendly Business

Tips to Design an Eco-friendly Business Strategy for 2021

The green movement and push to protect our planet is nothing new, but the pressure has entered the mainstream where businesses cannot ignore it any longer. Many brands try to cash in on the green movement with empty words and publicity that almost always ends poorly. Going green is not a fun tagline to bring in a sales bump, nor is it something businesses can afford to ignore for much longer as world governments may force industry changes anyway. Too many businesses see going green as a punishment or an additional roadblock that they want nothing to do with, but making your brand more eco-friendly does not need to be a chore or reluctant obligation as going green can help your business.

Not all change is bad, and the green way of doing things is better for everyone involved in some cases. There are fewer and fewer valid reasons to fight off the green wave, and the successful businesses will be the ones that embrace new green methods. Customers care about actual green progress more than ever, and as world sentiment changes, green business is becoming the new expectation. As we head deeper into 2021, it is time for businesses to see the green light and adopt just a few of the green business strategies and practices below.

Current Green Status Evaluation

Before you start thinking of minimally disruptive ways to make your businesses greener, start with an evaluation of your current green status. Every aspect of your business should be looked at to see if there is a greener and easier way to get the same task accomplished. Does your office use any renewable energy? How often is the AC on with windows open? Does your office use recycled paper and properly dispose of waste? Factories and warehouses are perfect places for roof-mounted solar panels rather than using only grid-based power. Is the safety management system accurately tracking events and worker conditions? What are your packaging materials? Are your products designed to last a long time or intended for a single-use? You should ask yourself all these questions and more to take an honest look at your brand’s carbon footprint and how you can reduce it.

Use Modern Technology To Make Green Changes

One of the common reasons businesses try to use to avoid going green is a lack of similar and affordable green alternatives. Styrofoam and cardboard are popular because they are cheap and readily available materials, but there are green alternative materials that are just as prolific now. Cornstarch packing peanuts, airbags, recycled cardboard, biodegradable materials, and more are available to consumers, which means businesses can find these supplies just as quickly. Even if you don’t replace all your product packaging, replacing office paper with a recycled option or putting regularly printed documents online is better than nothing. Even changing out old incandescent light bulbs in exchange for LED bulbs is a green change that takes minimal effort. All green changes are a step in the right direction and can lead to more significant changes in the future once people realize going green is not such a big deal.

Display Your Honest Actions

One of the fastest ways for brands to lose customer trust and respect is to put out a statement with empty words and no action to back it up. If you want to get public credit and good PR from making green changes, you need to actually make the changes and not try to get away with secretly changing nothing. In the information age, customers will find out about your empty words, and that bad move can cost you customers rather than bring you new ones. There is nothing wrong with announcing your green improvements, but ensure your words are earnest; otherwise, you will face backlash instead of praise. It would be best if you also used the opportunity to tie back into one of your products or services that is the most eco-friendly. Eco-friendly labels and slogans guarantee nothing, but they can be an excellent way to catch people’s attention, and then you can backup your green claims.

Going green is not a new concept for anyone in 2021, but some businesses are still holding back. Any business of any size can make green changes that will help the company and the planet without causing a significant disturbance. Evaluate your current operations and how green they are or are not. Once you identify areas that can change, it is time to look for solutions. Renewable energy, green materials, changing out old products for more efficient versions, and more are all changes any business can take on to help the planet we all share. Businesses can even use their green changes for good publicity so long as their words are not hollow.