10 Ways To Improve Your Business SEO in 2021

Businesses, both online and those still living in brick and mortar setups, should be using SEO strategies in 2021 to bolster business and bring in more customers. SEO is a great tool that any business can use, but it takes more time and effort to use correctly than just turning on a switch. SEO is not a straight line, and many different methods and systems fall under the SEO category. There is no single way to use SEO tactics, so below are just 10 of the most common and impactful things to know about SEO in 2021.

Get The Right Accounts

People who start up new online businesses might use their personal emails and accounts to set up the business. While this method will work, it is much better for you to get separate business accounts to set up your new business. Business Google, Instagram, and other accounts will give you access to features customer accounts don’t get to see, and these features can be invaluable to SEO projects.

Use Various Outreach Methods Rather Than Just One

Some businesses want to focus on one outreach and marketing method rather than use the full suite of different options. While it may make sense to focus on one thing so you can do it well, you will not find good results with a single outreach method. Too many customers prefer different methods to use only one. Make full use of direct response marketing, social media posts, email newsletters, physical mailers, and more to introduce your brand to new customers.

Make Customer Service A Priority

Too many brands forget to make customer service a shining point of the brand. Customers may have purchased something from you, but they are still your customers, and they deserve high-quality customer service even after their transaction. Use phone lines, chatbots, and email service to ensure your customers have all the answers and support they need to keep enjoying your products and brand as a whole.

Use Customer Testimonials And Reviews

People trust other people, so use your previous happy customers to your advantage by posting reviews on your website. If new customers can see other customers were happy with their purchase and service from your brand, new customers may be more inclined to purchase something from you. Use customer reviews highlighting your excellent products or customer service as specific praise for your brand is more effective than generally positive reviews.

Mobile Optimization Is Critical

There are now more mobile users than there are desktop users as the phones in our pockets are now as powerful as full computers. This shift in customer preferences means that businesses must optimize websites for mobile users. No one will take the time to fight with tiny buttons or bad navigation on a small screen, and those customers will simply go to a website of a brand that did optimize for varying screen sizes.

Social Media Is Vital For Businesses

Social media is not just for everyday people to connect; it is also a place for businesses to extend reach and visibility. Any business can use a clever social media strategy to pull in new viewers just like influencers do. Use the best content per social media platform to get your brand’s personality out there for customers to see and maybe even partner with influencers to borrow some of their Internet reputations.

Imagine Optimization Will Impact Your Pages

Images help make any web page more visually attractive and help Google rank the page higher, but images can also negatively impact your page performance. Large, high-resolution images take longer to load and can slow down the whole page. If you notice pages are taking too long to load, consider reducing image resolution or adding dynamic loading that only loads images once someone scrolls down to where the image would be.

Clean URLs Are Ideal

Not everyone notices horrible URLs that consist of nothing but a jumble of letters and numbers, but some customers and Google will notice. It does not take much time or effort at all to set up pages with URLs that at least make sense. Try to categorize your URLs with groups of related pages and content, such as grouping blog posts together. You should ideally be able to follow your click path and topic searches through a clean URL design.

Everyone wants as many backlinks as possible, but there is a balance between volume and quality. It would be best if you aimed to get as many backlinks as possible, but that does not mean you must accept low-quality links that won’t help you much. You want your backlinks to have some authority and rank rather than being Internet filler.

Add Voice Search Capability

As more people add smart devices to their homes and mobile users continue to grow faster than desktop users, more people will start using voice search. Sadly, many websites are woefully ill-equipped to handle voice search and need dedicated optimization to make it work. Take the time to make your site more accessible from any angle or source, including voice search so that more people and Google can find your site faster.