How Can You Get Authentic New York Pizza in Malaysia

It’s a testament to the worldwide popularity of the dish that you can get authentic New York pizza in Malaysia. The dish was refined half a world away in the immigrant neighbourhoods of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, New York after the soldiers returned home from the war in Europe with a newfound love and craving for pizza.

We say ‘refined’ because the dish was invented in the Neapolitan region of Italy. The New York pizza of Malaysia and everywhere else still retains the essence of the old Neapolitan-style pizza which conquered the world.

Humble Beginnings of New York-style Pizza

The New York pizza of Malaysia came from the streets of Naples and other villages surrounding the city. It was a food eaten by the poor and had only a handful of ingredients: water, flour, salt, tomato sauce, cheese and olive oil. Later it was cooked with Basil leaves, and the pizza was enlivened with spices and garlic. This basic dish was called a pizza Margherita, and it’s thought to be the original concept of pizza.

When the soldiers came back to New York, they began exploring the Italian neighbourhoods of the city, looking for this elusive and delicious dish. Savvy Italian restaurant owners and business people saw a golden opportunity and soon began cooking this simple dish that was loved by so many. And pizza Margherita started to be known as New York-style pizza.

Because the demand was greater than the space available in their small restaurants, they also began packing the dish to be eaten at home, creating the first ‘to-go meals and increasing the number of people they could feed in a single day.

Spreading Pizza Around the World

New York pizza ended up in Malaysia partly because New York was an immigration hub long ago. People from all over the world wanting to seek their fortune in America first disembarked at Ellis Island in New York Harbour.

After passing through immigration, many immigrants ended up exploring New York. The city was a melting pot of different cultures and different foods. After the war, pizza was a growing fad in New York, and any immigrant arriving in the city at that time would become attracted to the aroma and taste of fresh-baked pizza.

The pizza was delicious, inexpensive and filling. Plus, it was easy to prepare. Entrepreneurs saw the immediate appeal of pizza, and pizza places began to pop up in every city in the world.

New York pizza in Malaysia is a refined version of the Neapolitan pizza of long ago. With a choice of many toppings and cheeses and sauces made with fresh herbs and spices, the pizza of today is a superior version of the dish that started it all.

But by ordering a New York pizza in Malaysia, you can taste what the soldiers experienced the first time they encountered a hot, mouth-watering pizza fresh from the oven. Experience a New York pizza in Malaysia and enjoy a flavour that has become famous the world over.