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How to Lower Energy Costs for an Industrial Curing Oven

The manufacturing industry is just one of the many in America’s economy that has taken an economic hit during the pandemic. Some of that is connected to energy consumption and fuel costs. Companies that are using an industrial curing oven will suffer, as the process heating industry consumes 17 percent of all of America’s industrial energy. Learn more here about how to bring some of those energy costs down.

Improve Insulation

Insulation can be effective in decreasing energy costs. Adding even 1″ of insulation could lead to a reduction in fuel costs. If you already have insulation, have it maintained frequently to ensure efficiency is optimized. Not only will this reduce energy costs, but it also will provide for more uniformity in temperatures and heat distribution.

Use Door Limit Switches

Even when one is cooking in the oven at home, opening the door is going to lead to a drop in temperature by at least a few degrees, every time. This gets expensive in manufacturing. Installing a door limit switch on your industrial curing ovens will prevent this from happening at the industrial level.

This will turn the burner down when the door is opened. It is estimated that this feature alone could save a company tens of thousands annually on energy costs.

Prevent Heat Spill-Out

Open doors are an easy way to lose heat in an industrial curing oven. Heat spill-out can also happen when parts are loading and unloading. Several tools can be used to prevent heat spill-out here. A silicone rubber curtain can be added to block as much heat flow from spilling as possible. Ceramic parts such as gaskets, while expensive to start, can also help your oven retain optimized heat.

Heat spill-out is expensive over time. One or two instances will not lead to an increase in production costs. It is unlikely this is only happening once or twice in any manufacturing facility. If you are dealing with heat spill-out, you are likely dealing with an energy consumption problem.

Minimize Loading Carts

Anything that you put into the oven is going to get heated. That includes the rack or sheet that you are loading parts onto. That is valuable heat that is better used with the products you are heating. Minimize this energy consumption by watching what you put on the carts and racks. Keep them light and not cluttered or you are losing energy to heat something that doesn’t even need to be heated.

Reduce Energy Costs Today

Begin reducing energy costs today by implementing these simple energy-saving tips into your facility. Contact us to see if we can help you reduce energy costs with better components for your operations.