4 Ways To Prepare For a Test

Preparing to take an exam is something which can be overwhelmingly stressful.  Even if you are knowledgeable on the test subject you may find that the nerves take over completely, leaving you full of stress and much more likely to make errors.

Being a calm test taker who takes care of the proper preparations ahead of time is a skill that is incredibly valuable.  In order to succeed at your next test and beat the jitters, try the following tips for success.

Start Studying In Advance

Rather than leaving everything until the last minute and spending the night before cramming information into your brain while chugging coffee, try to plan ahead.

As soon as you find out about your upcoming test you should make sure that you dive right into familiarizing yourself with what the test is about.  Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher questions about what parts of the studying material you should be focusing on, and whether they have any tips for you in order to pass.

Starting your studying early means that you can gradually and steadily introduce the information into your brain rather than shoving it full of information all at once and stress yourself out with too much incoming stuff.


Even though you may have already studied certain subjects or chapters already, make sure that you go back and review everything that you have already learned.  Reviewing what you have already learned is key to memorization.  Sometimes despite how much we retain information in the moment, it can be forgotten easily if we don’t revisit it shortly after.

You can review your books alone or create study groups in which you quiz each other and review the information on the test together as a team.

Take Lots Of Notes

Studies show that taking notes helps the brain memorize the information that it’s taking in.  When you hear something and then write it down you are processing the information through your ears, eyes, and repeating the information through your hand that’s writing.

Try to get into the habit of taking lots of notes as you listen to your classes, and make sure to read them after.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

No matter how much studying you have done prior to a test, if you aren’t well-rested your brain won’t be equipped to be able to take on the task of the test itself.

Make sure that you get a full night’s rest with at least 8 hours of sleep. This way you can make sure that you are fully prepared and ready to ace the exam with flying colors. A body well rested is a brain well rested.