office workspace

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Office Workspace

Did you know you can transform your work or home office into a pleasant environment that can help you focus? If you work in an office or from home, you spend a good portion of your day in your workspace. Create a space that makes you and your clients feel comfortable while enhancing organization or productivity.

Rearrange Your Office

If your office feels disorganized or inefficient, rearranging the furniture and the items on your desk may make it feel clean and spacious. Make a plan on paper to help you envision the most efficient use of the space. If you often have clients, position your desk and chair so you face the door as your clients enter the room. Add a few reception chairs so clients and coworkers have a place to consult and your projects and services.

Choose a New Desk

Your desk is often the focal point of your office and of your work environment. If you need more space on your desk to organize files and papers, or to separate your computer workstation from your writing space, consider buying new or pre owned desks that fit your space and productivity needs. You may want to measure your room and chair height so you can order the right size for your space and ergonomic comfort.

Invest in New Lighting

New lighting can transform a dark room into a bright one or make a space feel more cozy and inviting. Poor lighting can cause headaches and lower energy. Replacing the overhead light can brighten a room quickly. A desk light can provide better light for tasks and paperwork, reducing eye strain. Arrange lights to avoid glare on monitors and screens. LEDs can last longer and make room lighting more energy efficient.

Splurge on Accessories

Accessories can brighten up your office and make it more functional. Choose a color scheme of one or more coordinating colors that make you feel focused or energetic. Consider purchasing a large desk pad in your color scheme that can work as a mouse pad and protect your desk from scratches and spills. Desk organizers, paper trays, and file folder boxes can organize your materials and make them more accessible.

Simple changes can make your office work better for your needs. Whether you choose to add a few accessories or completely redecorate, focus on creating an environment that makes you more productive and less stressed.