How to Plan the Ultimate At-Home Anniversary

You can have an incredible at-home anniversary. You don’t need to go away to a foreign destination. You don’t even need to treat yourself to a staycation. You have everything you need right at home to have a really wonderful anniversary that suits you and your partner just fine. With so many great businesses offering at-home delivery, you can treat yourselves and celebrate your next anniversary in style.

This guide will help you put everything together perfectly for your lockdown anniversary, so get started and aim to have it all organized and ready to go for your big day.

The Atmosphere

Most couples will want to go out for their anniversary just to get away from the everyday. It’s an easy way to make your day feel special, but it isn’t the only option available to you. If you are at home this anniversary, dress your home up. Choose one room and clean it from top to bottom, removing as much clutter as you can. Set up romantic lights and candles to really make it feel special and romantic.

The Meal

If there is one thing you’ll want, it’s a delicious meal. Go all out, and definitely don’t limit your search solely to food delivery sites. There are many quality restaurants out there that allow you to buy meal kits. They part-prepare it, and you just have to finish it off at home for freshly made, delicious food that cannot compare. It’s a restaurant in a delivery.

You will likely need to pick this meal kit up, however, so remember to check your favorite restaurants for this option in advance and even explore other highly related restaurants near you. You’ll need to order before their deadline since they need to prepare your kit for you, so don’t leave this to the very last minute.

The “Dessert”

For most, your anniversary is a time to celebrate the two of you, which often means private time behind closed doors. This year, make it fun. Ideally, you will have discussed with your partner beforehand to find out their fantasies and things that they were interested in trying out in the bedroom. If you haven’t yet, have that conversation. While creativity can get you far, there is something thrilling about trying new things and new toys. Try to have the conversation as early as you can so that you can then go to sites like to order the fun and exciting toys and gear.

Catering Your Anniversary to the Two of You

While the romantic tropes are usually very fun to do, at least on your anniversary, the most important thing for a successful day is to cater it to the two of you. Play the music that makes you think of your relationship, try to get food from your favorite date place, and, of course, do what makes you two happy. At the end of the day, it is a celebration for the two of you, and it is the little touches and the nods to your individual relationship that will make it memorable and successful.