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Digital Marketing Companies Help Your Brand Increase its Visibility

There are plenty of opportunities for a brand just being launched to get its name and message out there and become known to potential customers. Digital marketing companies are the best bet for new brands who may be starting with a less than adequate market budget.

It’s a cruel twist of fate and a marketing manager’s worst nightmare. When you first launch a new brand, you need the exposure more than ever. But with no profits being generated yet, your lack of a substantial marketing budget is a major barrier to making any dent in the marketplace.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Digital marketing companies are in the business of stretching their client’s marketing budgets to cover their marketing needs. And this applies to new brands as much as older, established brands.

One of the most effective ways to stretch a marketing budget in Thailand is to harness the advertising power of social media. Social media is huge in Thailand. Almost everyone has a Facebook account. And Instagram and LINE are also extremely popular all over the country. This means that advertising on these platforms, as well as YouTube, Twitter, and others, can increase your brand’s exposure without breaking the bank.

Digital marketing companies are skilled at designing clever and colorful ads that reach your target audience. But they’re just as skilled at bidding on where the ad is placed to reap the greatest benefits for the least amount of money.

Most social media platforms have some type of targeting feature that allows you to choose the gender, age group, or buying habits of your audience. Facebook has many more options, as do some of the other platforms.

An experienced digital marketing company designs your ad carefully using targeted keywords in the text and relevant imagery; they choose the right platform or series of platforms. And they bid on where to place your ad to give it the best exposure to likely buyers or simply give your brand and its message the best visibility.

Best Bang for Your Baht

With the popularity of social media in Thailand, a well-designed social media ad campaign can often reap comparable benefits to a pricier ad campaign using Google Ads. It represents that best bang for your Baht for new brands trying to establish their name in the regional marketplace.

But brands who think that social media advertising is easy and cheap are in for an education. Digital marketing companies are able to achieve the success they do by being data-driven in every facet of their advertising strategies. A brand that dives into social media advertising alone can quickly burn through its marketing budget without achieving the results it had hoped for.

Primal is one of the leading digital marketing companies in Thailand. And one of the areas we specialize in is social media advertising. Whether you’re working with a new or established brand, we can stretch your marketing budget and increase your brand visibility across the region or the world.