Bucket List Ideas and Events To Dream About

Sometimes having dreams and bucket list wishes are some of the things that keep you from getting frustrated about the mundane aspects of everyday life. You can zone out for a minute and think about what the future holds if you’re rich, famous, free from the need to make money, or otherwise independently inclined.

Some of the things that you might daydream about include restoring a yacht, hiking around the world, skydiving, or even owning a mansion. These are things that rich and motivated people do, so if you ever find yourself winning the lottery or otherwise ending up in the elite class of people on earth, these things will be within your grasp.

Yacht Restoration 

It’s one thing to want to buy a yacht. Once you have it, you can sail the world in ultimate luxury. But for people who are a little more hands-on, it might be more of a bucket list item two want to restore a yacht. That way, you can be personally responsible for all of those intricate details that allow you to stamp your ownership on a luxury ship. In your daydream, you might be the one doing the restorations, or perhaps someone is doing it for you, but the result is the same. After that, you just find the perfect name and sail the seas.

Hiking Around the World 

For the adventurous type, a bucket list desire might be to hike around the world. Perhaps you want to hike up a mountain. Perhaps you want to hike across a raging river, or through the jungle. If you are independently wealthy, you’d buy a good pair of boots, hire a guide, and walk the world to see what it has to offer you. Sometimes a certain personality type is more interested in experiencing things rather than buying things, and the desire to go hiking fits with that.


One bucket list item that is available to people who aren’t necessarily independently wealthy is to go skydiving. For a few hundred dollars and after taking a few lessons, almost anyone can choose to jump out of an airplane with a parachute. Obviously, there is danger involved, and accidents do happen. But, for people who want to feel that adrenaline for those freefall moments, skydiving is the way to go.

Owning a Mansion 

To some people, their bucket list is all about the place they live. And that usually means that they want to own a mansion. When you look at any variation of the idea of observing the lifestyles of the rich and famous, the estate they live in is always a focal point. The game room with the pool table. The garage with the 50 cars. The dining room with a vaulted ceiling. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about this as something you wish you could have if it were available.