5 yoga exercises for beginners | Start your practice now!

Yoga is one of the most complete exercises in terms of wellness. In addition to helping you release stress, it strengthens and tones your body, and develops your flexibility. So, apply yourself with these yoga exercises for beginners.

It’s never too late to start, but you don’t want to run either if you start to crawl… As you well know, if you integrate yoga as part of your life, the changes will be immediate. And it is that this practice, originated in India, has reached all corners of the world, because it transforms us physically and mentally.

Do you like what you read? So less talk and more action. We are going to tell you 5 yoga exercises for beginners to do from home. You will only need a mat and a lot of discipline. Let us begin!

Determine a suitable space for your yoga practice

Let’s start by setting up a suitable site. We recommend that you select a place in your home where there are no noises or distractions.

Adapt it to make a mindset that takes you into another space that is not the one you know . That is to say, when you go to a gym there is music, posters, instruments, assigned spaces and, in some places, they even use aromatherapy.

Wear comfortable and specialized clothing

This step is essential to perform your yoga routines at home. It doesn’t matter if no one sees you, it’s no use doing your asanas if you’re wearing your Santa Claus pajamas.

Even if you love it and can’t take it off, you’ll almost certainly end up breaking it and interrupting your session. Or, it will get in your way to the point where you can’t concentrate. Nor is it necessary to buy a whole professional yogi uniform…Take your smartphone to enjoy online casinos in the us in a break.

Have the necessary material on hand

Before starting your routines, prepare yourself with the material you are going to need. In the following yoga exercises for beginners that we will share with you , nothing will be essential, except your mat or mat to place on the floor.

There are people who feel more comfortable, especially if they are not so flexible, using belts to be able to achieve certain postures, and also a memory foam brick , but that may be for module II of your training .

Also, don’t forget that music is important – little music with bowls or something ambient – it is not essential (but almost) to accompany you in your routine. If you don’t have a speaker, you can support yourself with the television while you watch a YouTube video or perhaps your mobile phone can also help you. Even you can play best online pokies in Australia in a break as well.

#1) Media flor

Yoga practices generally begin with this posture. It is an easy posture whose correct placement is with a straight back, legs crossed and the knees should be as close to the floor as possible. It is used to relax and meditate .

It is the perfect position to start your session. The arms go to the sides, you can place your hands in a mudra or you can just close your eyes to concentrate on breathing.

#2) Child’s Pose or Balasana

This asana is very simple to perform and will help you relax your muscles. Especially if you suffer from any discomfort in your lower back. This exercise will help you release any contracture. You can integrate it in your session whenever you want to rest.

The correct position is to get on your knees and bring your buttocks to your heels, as far as possible, with your forehead resting on the floor and your arms at your sides almost at the height of your feet.

#3) Seated Clamp Pose

For this posture we need to be seated with our legs stretched out. The first challenge will be to throw your back straight forward so that your forehead touches your shins. With your hands, if you catch up, you will grab your feet and help yourself to go further forward and down.

This yoga exercise for beginners will allow you to gain flexibility, later on, you can look for your head to be between your legs. But… let’s go one thing at a time, for now, help yourself with your breathing to be able to flex more.

#4) Bending Asana

To do this bending asana we need to be sitting on the mat. The back must be straight. Our soles of the feet meet and we need to lean the trunk forward until the heels touch the body. You have to be aware of the knees so that they are as close to the ground as possible.

#5) Sphinx pose

Always remember to inhale and exhale when performing the movements. This will help your body yield and gain flexibility. The pose is named to recall the image of the Sphinx of Giza , do you know it? The idea of ​​having these names also helps you form a mental image of the position you will work on.

In this case, we stand face down forming an angle of 90 degrees with the elbows and forearms. Our legs are extended on the floor and with our backs we make a straight line. It is an extension posture that will help you release the tension of the cervicals .