4 Tips For Drinking Responsibly

Alcohol is something which is integrated into culture in a variety of places.  From business dinners to casual get-togethers even to flying a plane.  Having a drink can seem harmless since it’s so normalized, however, failing to drink responsibly can lead to pretty serious consequences.

Not only can it lead to physical harm, like getting into an accident, but it can lead to addiction and even overdose.  In order to avoid crossing this thin line between harmlessly enjoying a beverage or two, and taking things too far, try the following tips for drinking responsibly.

Don’t Drive

One of the worst things that you can do under the influence of alcohol is to operate a vehicle.  Even if you think that you aren’t drunk, alcohol in your system can lead to slowed down reaction times and cognitive delays.  Therefore, when you are in a car which moves extremely fast and something happens which requires a reaction, you aren’t going to be in a capable state of mind.

Rather than driving, make sure that you either arrange a designated driver or a cab.  This way you will ensure that you can get to and from your destination safely without putting yourself or others in danger.

Avoid Spirits

Sipping a beer as opposed to a full-fledged cocktail is an entirely different story.  Since beer has a much smaller percentage of alcohol in it, you won’t feel drunk until you’ve had several glasses.

Spirits, however, are much higher in alcohol percentage and will start to make you feel dizzy and out of sorts after a much smaller amount.  In order to lessen your risk of getting drunk too quickly, you may want to consider avoiding spirits entirely.

There are lots of delicious drinks that you can enjoy which have no liquor in them.  Wine and champagne are lighter and pair nicely with a variety of things.

Keep a Trustworthy Entourage

If you ever have a few too many it can lead to making choices that you may not have necessarily made without alcohol in your bloodstream.  You may have fewer inhibitions and do things you may later regret.

Keeping an entourage around you that you know you can trust will take care of you and not take advantage of your state is important.  And hopefully, you would do the same for them. 

Don’t Engage In Risky Activities

If you’ve been wanting to get a tattoo or jump out of an airplane at some point, you should probably do it when you haven’t been drinking.

Not only are you risking potentially hurting yourself, but you may very well hurt someone else as well. Stay away from risky behavior which is considered risky and may lead to serious consequences.