Choosing Your Self-Defense Options

It’s essential that you know how to defend yourself. Obviously, there are all sorts of different situations where self-defense is an option, so that means you have to look at the topic from several different perspectives.

You can approach self-defense from the ideas of firearms, martial arts, security systems as prevention, and even knives or sticks if it comes down to certain types of situations. Ideally, you understand the basics of all four of these general categories, so no matter what situation you find yourself in, you have the ability to at least defend yourself accordingly, and potentially even protect the people you’re with.


Many people feel better about home self-defense if they own a gun. Firearm ownership is not something that should be taken lightly, however. You need to have a basic understanding of gun safety, and a responsible enough attitude to know how to use your weapon in an emergency. Statistically, someone who lives in a house is more likely to be shot than an intruder, so responsibility is critical from the perspective of the gun owner. When choosing a firearm, two of the significant factors to look into are speed and accuracy. If you learn to work with these qualities, you should learn appropriately how to defend yourself.

Martial Arts 

Learning martial arts is a good self-defense option as well. You don’t necessarily have to go to a dojo and learn from a master for ten years. You can even take a few weekend self-defense classes at least to get the basics down. A big part of knowing martial art is having the confidence to stand up for yourself in a physical manner in an appropriate encounter. Learning martial arts isn’t necessarily about hurting people, so much as it is about defending yourself in hostile situations.

Security Systems 

If you’re looking at some defense regarding prevention, then the installing a security system around your home can do a lot to ease your mind. With the right set up of locks, cameras, and automated emergency calling, you can feel good knowing that your home is defended externally so that you don’t have to protect it internally.

Knives or Sticks 

And there’s something to be said for understanding how to defend yourself against knives or steaks, or potentially using knives or sticks yourself. Outside of martial arts that teach hand-to-hand techniques, having some additional object to help you out is always a good thing. And you should also know how to defend yourself against people who have some item that they’re threatening you with. Again, knowledge and confidence are critical, and beyond that, you just have to know how thoroughly you want to dive into a certain style.