How do I choose a travel destination?

What I am going to tell you today is a confession that almost no travel blogger tells you. Counted on the fingers of one hand, there are few who make this self-criticism.

Being older gives you a little more wisdom or maybe it’s just that you know what matters to you, what’s good for you and completely ignore the rest.

Today I am not going to show you a travel guide or tell you what there is to see in this or that place. But I’m going to take a little license to tell you something that I think is important.

The journey that really matters

“How was your vacation?” one friend asks and the other replies “I don’t know. I haven’t seen the photos yet.” I already told you in other articles about how to connect with you when you travel . Also how to do mindfulness while traveling. That is why you should not be surprised by what I am going to tell you.

Until a few years ago I was very focused on visiting as many countries as possible. From a psychological point of view there is something satisfying about accomplishing these goals. They are the achievements that revitalize us.

I have come to run so much that I have been able to visit more than one country in a week, sometimes up to three. I enjoyed it, I had a great time. But in the end something happened to me.

Find what makes you happy

I am critical of fleeting trips. I think you don’t really visit a place, you don’t know it and you can’t really appreciate anything. I’ve done it many times and have come back somewhat empty.

But this does not mean that you should stop doing these types of trips. It is about us thinking, each one of us, what makes us happy. If you are happy to visit bars, restaurant and night life no worries you can visit real money casinos.

If running from one place to another fills you up, do it. If you stop visiting “essential” sites for doing things you like, leave them aside.

The great objective of any trip should be to enjoy yourself, have a good time and do the things you like without hurting anyone.

Your trip has to make you happy no matter what we travel bloggers recommend.

Tips you should follow before traveling

Before thinking about a trip I ask myself some questions to know if it is what I really want and if it is something that will fill me emotionally.


Some of the things I consider before traveling are the following:

Is what you want?

It is not easy to answer but you have to look for what led us to think about that trip. Do we want to do it because we saw it to someone and it seemed nice or because it really catches our attention?

What are you going to do there?

It’s not just about where you’re going on vacation, but what you’re going to do there. If the activities that you consider are things that you like, go, otherwise change your destination. There is nothing wrong with that. If you really want to go to that destination, look for activities that you like to do there. You can enjoy online game at

What makes you happy? Now look for the destination

That point reinforces the previous one but I think it is important to repeat it because, really, many times what we will do is more important than where we are going. I have dozens of examples where I have had a really good time in “insignificant” destinations or the opposite.

What kind of break do you want?

This is a very important question, at least for me. Vacations aren’t just about traveling, doing activities, and posting photos. Sometimes we forget that the main thing is to rest. Finding a destination, accommodation and a series of entertainment that allow us to rest is really important.