Cruise the Beautiful Waters of Malaysia in a Princess Yacht

From Langkawi Island down to Tioman Island and across to the Riau Islands in the South China Sea, the waters of Malaysia offer some of the most idyllic tropical island paradises. Now you can visit all the islands of Malaysia aboard a Princess Yacht.

The waters off Malaysia are clear, warm and calm most of the time. But storms and rough weather does occur from time to time. Setting out on a voyage on these waters requires a quality vessel, and a Princess Yacht offers the best quality design and construction in Malaysia.

Gold Standard of Yachting

Princess Yachts in Malaysia represent the gold standard in seagoing yacht design, engineering and construction. The entire line of Princess Yachts is visually stunning as well as practical from a functional standpoint. Their deep-V hulls, state-of-the-art construction techniques, and advanced systems engineering make them highly prized among boat owners in the Southeast Asia region who appreciate the best yachts available on the market.

Boat Lagoon Yachting offers the entire princess range of Flybridge motor yachts, S Class Sportsbridge Yachts and V Class sports yachts to yachting enthusiasts in this region of the world.  Boat Lagoon Yachting has numerous brokerages in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and the Maldives. They serve the entirety of the region and are happy to provide every model of Princess Yacht to wherever the buyer happens to be.

Professional After-Sales Services

When you buy one of the new or pre-owned Princess Yachts in Malaysia, you’ll become a member of the Boat Lagoon Yachting clients that can enjoy all the special services offered by this premier boat brokerage.

Yacht owners are busy people who may not have time to see to all the details of maintaining a luxury yacht in top condition. Yet, as it represents a significant investment, every boat owner wants to keep their vessel running well and looking shipshape.

Boat Lagoon Yachting offers a complete programme of yacht management for Princess Yachts in Malaysia as well as other ports in Southeast Asia.  They can supply certified captains and qualified crews to staff your yacht. They can also see to all the weekly cleaning chores and maintenance that needs to be performed on a regular schedule to preserve the value of your asset. They can even arrange to have your boat delivered to any port in the world.

They also offer boat charter services that put your investment to work for you. They’ll handle all the bookings and details of chartering your yacht to others whenever it’s not being used by you. This service can make a tremendous difference in your finances and can be a defining factor in your ability to experience yacht ownership.

If you’re considering buying a yacht in Malaysia, why not choose the best there is and buy a Princess Yacht? We can assure you and your family of many happy years exploring the stunning tropical waters of the country.