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Experience the Thrill of Whale Watching in Alaska

One of the largest and magnificent mammals to witness in person is the whale. It is hard to imagine something so significant coming out of the water and making one of the biggest splashes as it lands back in the ocean is some of the most peaceful creatures in the sea. Whale watching in Alaska is a favored pastime in the area, and people can kayak and view other wildlife and other scenery. Those who wish to enjoy the experience can travel on a six-passenger motorboat to the Channel Islands State Marine Park, where all aboard can see the humpback whales. Whatever boat is taken, the captain is the tour guide as they share the history and adventure with the tourists.

The Wildlife in Alaska

For sure, whales are not the only wildlife to see in Alaska, but they stand out above the rest due to their size. Other animals people witness are sea lions, orcas, porpoises, seals, and multiple bird species. The boats land on the island docks, and kayaks are taken from there to an adventure viewed from the eyes of the sea. The kayaks take the tourists to the whale’s feeding grounds and last for about two hours. Tourists can see the whales up close and almost personal to and from the islands from the boat. Other animals and sea creatures can also be seen on the trip, but not all are guaranteed, like the whales.

About the Tour

Due to safety purposes, all guests must stay away from all wildlife up to 100 yards. Many times animals like dolphins will follow the boat and remain close, and some animals become curious. Some whales are endangered species, so anyone caught messing with them can lead to hefty fines. The whales people will see in Alaska are:

  • Humpback Whales;
  • Gray Whales;
  • Killer Whales;
  • Beluga Whales.

It is about a 45-minute drive one way from the van pick-up point to the dock. The boat travels at a bit of a slower pace going to the island for the enjoyment and education of whale watching. Folks can figure one to two hours kayaking, depending on the marine conditions and availability of wildlife. Some days all the animals and sea creatures will be out and about, while other days, some may only see the whales. All gear, snacks, water, boots, rain gear, are included in the pricing. Consider it as a mini cruise.

Fun For The Entire Family

There are two minimums for age groups. One is for public tours, which is eight years old, and for private tours, the minimum is seven years old. The kayaks can hold up to 600lbs, so two adults or one adult and one child are perfectly safe. There are no strenuous areas, and the most challenging part is getting in and out of the kayaks. From the boat ride to the sights on the water, whale watching in Alaska is an experience the whole family will remember and appreciate.